• Photobucket Welcome to the Shadow Troops of Club Penguin! We are an awesome Club Penguin army and is suitable for all ages, we do not hack, dox, blackmail etc we don't declare war on anyone without a reason. Anyone can join us so join today! If you would like to find out more about this army visit our history page!
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Hey guys, sorry but were merging into FGR (fort ghost recon) It would be the best choice for this army…


You might not get your same rank back, It depends…

Goodbye Shadow Troops,


Event results

Well done Troops, we had a succesful event. We maxed around 4-5 and maxed 6, sadly I only took 2 pictures.

 Recruiting at Town.

 Our chat size


Recruiting/Tactics session

Edit: If you would like to adverise your army or site on here please tell me on chat.

Hello Shadow Troops, we are having a recruiting/tactics session to stay active and we just need some events. Also comment on the active count below this post.


➡ 7:00 PM GMT

➡ 2:00 PM EST

➡ 1:00PM CST

➡ 12:00 PM MST

➡ 11:00 AM PST


P.s this also leads to Promotions so try your best to come!

-Fido1625, Shadow Troops leader

Active count

It’s time for a monthly active count, we need all troops to stay active. If you do not comment by next Sunday you will be taken of the Ranks. Just answer these simple questions below.

1. What’s your Club penguin username?

2. On a scale 1-10 how active are you?

3. Will you continue to be active, try your best to come to events, comment on posts and be on chat when you can?

I know that sounds a little harsh, but we have to keep this army alive, we don’t want to die horribly like the other generation of the Shadow Troops.

-Fido1625, proud Shadow Troops leader.

Invasion of Icicle = Fail

Today’s Invasion of Icicle was a fail.. Thank you to all thoese who showed up (Hemto, Skipper and Negi) hopefully next time we’ll do better. I’m going away tommorow for a week and I’ll return on Friday, Talex will lead while I’m gone.

P.s Please only comment if you can come and you know you can come, make sure to be on chat when a battle starts, also our next event thoese who come will get a promotion. Please try your best to remember.

-Stay active,


Invasion of Icicle (First event/battle?)

Yup, were having out first event/battle. Any army who owns the server Icicle, we do NOT want war with you, we just need some land. Continue reading


Hello I’m Talex/Hemto your new 2ic.

Ps. Dinosaurs are kool